Custom Jewelry Design

C.D. Clark Diamond Design Studio specializes in crafting you a custom piece of jewelry tailored to your individual values and preferential beauty. The process is easy, simple, and rewarding for both you and our craftsmen. Start by making an appointment with us and arrange a time to tell us about your ideal piece alongside preferred cuts and qualities. We will work with you and design it in full on CAD before you leave so that you can be sure that we have captured your vision for the perfect piece. In a matter of weeks we will be in touch with you again to deliver to you what we’ve worked hard making. At C.D. Clark your satisfaction is our upmost priority and we look forward to serving you.



1. Talk to C. D. Clark about the piece of jewelry you have been dreaming about that best reflects your unique personal style.

2. We will then reach out to initiate the custom design process, communicating your ideas to our design artists.

3. C. D. Clark will then produce 3D CAD renderings of your personal dream piece for your review and approval.

4. Once approved, your design will be sent back to our design artists who will bring your one-of-a-kind personal dream piece of life.

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