Frequently Asked Questions

Is now a good time to sell my gold and silver?

With the price of precious metals holding strong, now is the optimum time to sell your unwanted or broken pieces of gold and silver jewelry. We invite you to visit C.D. Clark & Co. Gold Buyers to see just how valuable your pieces are.

How will I know what the going price for gold is?

Most websites that list the price of commodities during the trading day will have the current price of gold and silver per ounce. You might also visit

What if I don’t know if my jewelry is real gold or not?

No marking? No problem. At C.D. Clark & Co. Gold Buyers our well-trained buyers will test your unwanted metal pieces – in our private booths right in front of you – to see what makeup the metal is. We use the finest gold-testing materials available to test each, individual piece, assuring you get the best price available.

Do you only buy gold jewelry?

Though our name and guarantee are as good as gold, we also purchase gold coins, silver and platinum metals as well.

Do you allow individuals to host gold parties?

Yes. Gold parties are a great way to enjoy time with your family, friends and co-workers. As the host, you earn a percentage of the gold sold to C.D. Clark & Co. Gold Buyers during the party. To learn more about our gold parties, please contact us at 1-877-323-2527.

What if I have a large diamond in one of my pieces?

C.D. Clark & Co. Gold Buyers will purchase diamonds larger than one carat, with papers. Based on current economic and retail conditions, we are looking for round-brilliant,  princess and radiant cuts with a clarity grade of SI2 or higher and have a color grade of J or higher.

What if my jewelry has semi-precious or precious stones in it?

We will gladly remove any stones you wish to keep.

What do you do with the jewelry I sell to C.D. Clark & Co. Gold Buyers?

At C.D. Clark & Co. Gold Buyers, we buy your silver, gold, and platinum with the sole purpose of refining it. Refining is basically a technical term for recycling! The gold is melted down and sold back into the world market. You will not see your old pieces for sale in another outlet or being worn by someone else!

I’ve seen ads on TV about mailing in your gold.  How is C.D. Clark & Co. Gold Buyers different from mail-in gold buyers?

At C.D. Clark & Co. Gold Buyers, all of our transactions are conducted in our stores, right in front of you.  You’re gold and precious items will never leave your sight and will be tested and weighed by our specialists.  Once tested, we immediately make you an offer and if accepted by you, pay you on the spot.  Mailing in your gold and precious items can take several days and sometimes weeks before you receive an offer.  Also, the chances of losing your jewelry in the mail are very high, so it’s not the safest or most secure avenue to pursue.

How long have you been buying gold?

C.D. Clark & Co. Gold Buyers is a pioneer in this twenty-first-century gold rush. We opened our first retail store in 2008, but our founder, Chad Clark, has been dealing in precious metals for more than 25 years as both a retailer and wholesaler.

What makes C.D. Clark & Co. Gold Buyers different than other gold buyers?

At C.D. Clark & Co. Gold Buyers, you are treated with the utmost respect, educated on the type and value of your gold pieces from one of our trained buyers – all in a private booth offering the utmost in security and discretion. It’s important to know that you can entrust your personal possessions with us, and that we will take care of you and your jewelry with honesty, integrity, and respect.

Is there a minimum amount of gold you will buy at any given time?

At C.D. Clark & Co. Gold Buyers there is no minimum.

Thank You for Making us the Preferred Gold Buyer of Texas! Check out our new television spots. C.D. Clark would like to thank all of its loyal customers for their trust and continued patronage.


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