How It Works

The precious metals selling process at our San Antonio location is always discreet and confidential. You will be seated in a secure private booth with one of our knowledgeable gold buyers who will take you through our simple four-step process.

Step 1

A detailed visual examination of your pieces helps establish the karat and kind of metals you have.

Step 2

Your gold and silver will undergo acid testing for purity. A small sample of your gold is collected on a wet stone. Then a series of acids are applied to the sample to determine the quality of the metal. Acids are never directly applied to your pieces.

Step 3

Your metals are then weighed in front of you on a Department of Agriculture certified scale.

Step 4

Immediately after the purity and weight are determined, our representative will make you an offer based on the most current market price of gold. If you accept the offer, we pay you right on the spot.

The process is convenient, precise and performed in your presence. In a matter of a few minutes, you’ll know your gold’s true value and can leave with a check in hand.

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