Mail-In Service

At CD Clark, we strive to offer our customers the best experience possible when selling their old or unused gold, diamonds, and fine jewelry. As part of our commitment to that and by request of those that have expressed interest, we are now offering a mail-in service for those that cannot personally come to our location in North Star Mall.

How it Works

We like to start by talking to you personally over the phone, to see if it will be worthwhile for you to mail your items in. Once we’ve evaluated the jewelry and have had an opportunity to speak with you, the below instructions will guide you to mail-in.

To speak with us, please call (210) 366-0123.

Our Buying Prices

You can find the prices we are buying at daily, -right here(link)- on our website. We pay the highest for your scrap gold and jewelry and take into account the intrinsic value of your items. Additionally, we pay you for your diamonds and value your jewelry as more than scrap. This makes our prices very competitive for buying your unwanted pieces. We also buy estate jewelry, luxury watches, and bullion.

Phone and Online Bids

We can make a professional evaluation over the phone or through the web provided that we are supplied with enough information. If you have a certified appraisal you can send it via email and we will make an approximate offer. If you have gold or silver then all we will need is the weight and karat. If coins, we will need the material it is composed of, type of coin, and dates on it. When emailing, include a photo of the item if possible. With enough information we will be able to give you reasonable cash offer for your jewelry and precious metals.

If you’d like to email us with a description and photo of your item then please use the contact form located on this page to the right.

Speak With Us

CD Clark believes in educating it’s clients and communicating with them throughout the trading process. For any questions regarding our mail-in service please email or call us.

Personal Information and Item List

Include the following item list and information form if you want to mail us your valuables. Completely fill out all fields, list your items in the package, and sign. By signing you agree to all the terms and conditions listed here on the page. If we receive the form unsigned then C.D. Clark accepts no liability for your items.

Please feel free to include any other documentation about the pieces if you have them, such as certificates, reports, or receipts on the quality of your goods.

The item list may be downloaded, here.

How to Package Your Valuables for Shipment

Download Instructions in PDF Format

In order to send your jewelry and valuable items by U.S. Postal Service registered mail, you must package the contents appropriately and per the U.S. Postal Service instructions. Notably, you must completely cover your package with paper packaging tape. According to the USPS’ website, packaging “tape must visibly damage the mailing box if removed and must absorb ink in a postmark impression,“ which is why all packages must be wrapped with “plain paper or cloth tape.”

You will need the following to properly package your valuables:

1. a box
2. water-activated paper packaging tape
3. a sponge/wet wash cloth
4. scissors
5. a permanent marker
6. bubble wrap or other protection for your valuables
7. your valuables or jewelry

Pack your valuables carefully according to the given instructions. We suggest wrapping the items in bubble wrap and filling the box with Styrofoam. This should provide adequate protection and cover for any items in shipment.

Measure and cut tape to the dimensions of the box. Be sure to cover the sides and seams. This assures the package is not tampered with as there is no way to open the box without breaking the tape.

Write the recipient’s mailing address and your return address directly on the package using your marker. Address the package to CD Clark only. You do not want to advertise that you have valuables in the box. Do not use labels as they can be removed or replaced and do not provide adequate security for your valuables.

Once you’ve assembled your package, go to your local post office and tell the clerk that you want to mail your package by insured registered mail. You will need to fill out a small form and specify your address (remember to use CD Clark), and any amount of insurance that you want. The Post Office will stamp all seams and insure that the package isn’t tampered with.

Insured Value vs Purchase Offer

When you mail in your jewelry, please insure it for it’s replacement value. If we return your jewelry we will insure it for the same amount as when you sent it to us. Our offer to purchase will not be based on the insured or appraised value but in the event you do not want to sell your jewelry it should be insured for the proper amount in case of a claim with the United States Post Office. If you do not know the value then we can help you determine proper amount of insurance to purchase. Please call C.D. Clark at (216) 366-0123 if you need help with the values.

Receipt of Valuables

As receipt that we have received your shipment, C.D. Clark video records the opening of your package and verifies it against the list of items provided. You will receive a confirmation shortly after if the contents are indeed matching. C.D. Clark relies on the honesty of our customers to provide the authentic items discussed over the phone, but also understands that you may not know the quality of your items. We do not accept responsibility for inaccurate listings and will rely on the video record and initial analysis of your items. Please include your personal information and item list (download here), signed, and packaged with your valuables.


In we reach an agreement on the purchase of your items then a same-day payment method will be arranged. We can pay you through overnight check or wire money to your bank account. To wire money we will need you to provide us the banking information to do so. If we only purchase part of your items then we will include a check with the items to be returned to you.

Ownership of Items

By completing and signing the item list form found on this page you are stating that you are the sole and rightful owner of the property you are selling to us. If you are an acting agent of the item then we require full legal proof of authority to transfer the ownership of the items.

Worthless Items

If C.D. Clark receives worthless items then they will be returned to you by regular mail with no insurance. The items will be determined to be valuable or worthless at the time of opening your package. If the contents are indeed worthless then we will contact you and notify that we will be sending the items back. C.D. Clark accepts no liability for items without value while in our possession or during return.

Mail-In Contact Form

Please submit your full name, email, and phone number along with a photo of the item and a C.D. Clark representative will be in touch with you shortly.