M. Dunlap
San Antonio

C.D. Clark and Co. went above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction. I can't say enough about how great Mr. Clark is. Yes, I spoke directly with him. He called me directly after I had questions. You can't find that kind of service these days. They are unbeatable! Do your homework before selling your gold but you can definitely trust C.D. Clark!

San Antonio

Got the best price Selling my gold jewelry to CD Clark was fast, secure, and I got top dollar for my pieces. I had checked with several other gold buyers, but CD Clark was far and away the best company to handle my transaction. Thank you!

Teresa Maltbia

I must say, I was truly surprised when I went in today. I didn't know about the promotion and the service was amazing!! The Ladies working were smiling and very welcoming. I wish I had more to sell just so I can go back to experience customer service the way it was meant to be. Thank you Samantha, your friendly smile and service was greatly appreciated.

San Antonio

Professional and gave me the best offer! I just got a divorce and it was time to get rid of all the jewelry and memories attached to it. I went in to CD Clark at the recommendation of a friend and I was immediately impressed by their confidentiality and delicate handling of what was obviously a hard situation for me to deal with. I had my rings and a few other items that I didn't think were worth much but CD Clark gave me more than any pawn shop had offered, pawn shops didn't even come close. I tell all my friends to go to CD Clark with any broken jewelry. I appreciate that they were so professional and I was able to put down a deposit on my new apartment with their purchase of my jewelry!


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