Do you have any silver or gold coins that you’ve been hanging on to, because you just don’t know what their worth or what to do with them? If you’re a collector or have inherited any silver or gold coins, we would love to examine them and estimate their value for you.

Here is a list of some of the most common silver and gold coins that customers bring in to sell.



American Gold Eagle
Canadian Gold Maple Leaf
Gold Buffalos
50 Pesos
Dos Pesos
Chinese Pandas


American Silver Eagle
Morgan Silver Dollars
Peace Dollars


Junk Silver Coins:

This is simply a term used for U.S. silver coins that only contain a percentage of silver. They are not solid. For example, the silver Kennedy half-dollar, Roosevelt dime or Washington quarters. All of these coins were created in 1964 or before and contain only 90% silver. After 1964, the amount of silver used in coins was reduced down to 40%.

Selling your coins has never been easier! C.D. Clark & Co. is your local premier coin buyer. Don’t see your coins on this list? No problem. Bring in your coins for a free consultation. There’s never been a better time to sell your coins. You could be sitting on something that’s not only a solid return on your investment, but that may have tripled in value.

Note: * Prices are quoted and based off that day’s current market trading value of gold and silver. C.D. Clark & Co. Gold Buyers will pay you up to 100% of spot for your gold coins.
Choose a company you can trust. Experience the C.D. Clark & Co. Gold Buyers difference.

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