Did you know that C.D. Clark & Co. also purchases diamonds?  If you have a diamond that is at least 1 carat, lose or in a setting, we would love to see it!

The most popular shape by far, is the round diamond due to its brilliance.  For decades, this has been the most purchased and desired shape diamond to have. C.D. Clark mainly purchases round brilliant stones due to their popularity, but are very open to reviewing and purchasing others.

The price of diamonds vary greatly depending upon the shape that you have.  So please be sure to bring in your paperwork, receipts or certifications for us to review as well.  Some of the other key points we look at are clarity and color.  Clarity, meaning the number and size of tiny imperfections (which occurs in almost all diamonds) and cut which speaks to the overall influence of the diamonds beauty or sparkle.

So don’t delay!  Call us for more information and let us turn your diamonds into instant cash.

Choose a company you can trust. Experience the C.D. Clark & Co. Gold Buyers difference.

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