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Ready for a new watch? Looking to update your style and sell your old one? C.D. Clark is a leading buyer of pre-owned luxury watches. Depending on the condition, age and model, our accredited jewelry professionals will review your high-end timepiece with you and discuss the options, and/or offer we would like to make you based on a fair market purchase price.

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When selling your old watch it is important to keep in mind where and who you sell it to.

While pawn shops will pay in cash and may be an easily accessible choice, who is buying it may not have a keen eye for the true value of your piece and they will likely use it to secure a loan. Therefore, the offer they make will likely fall on the low-side and if you decide you want your piece back then there can be a steep cost.

When you sell your watch to a dealer, it will probably receive a valuation (at charge) and if they want to buy it then give you a middle road offer as a good dealer will always want to maximize his/her profit when they resell it.

Selling your watch in an auction can be a good choice with high return, but auctions have many other variables attached, such as the amount in attendance and fees to have your piece listed. If you aren’t happy with the price you get then there is not much that can be done, and if you don’t sell then you are back to where you started minus the fees you had to pay to get it there.

C.D. Clark offers you a in-depth evaluation on what your watch is worth and is accredited with over a dozen years of working with luxury time pieces. For those that cannot make it to our North Star Mall location, we may give you a estimate through email correspondence provided we receive enough information and a photograph of the piece. To do so, please use the contact form on the right and we will be in contact with you shortly.

Some of the brands we purchase, but are not limited to are Rolex and Cartier. We know, that a nice watch is considered a symbol or status by many. So, if you’re no longer wearing your watch, it’s too big or too small, please, bring in your luxury time piece. We would love to make you a reasonable offer!

Choose a company you can trust. Experience the C.D. Clark & Co. Gold Buyers difference.

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